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Company-Y webcomic

I apologize for not updating more often.  The Mustang is garaged now because of an over-heating issue that caused my heater core and various other weak points to start leaking.  The dash wiring never got figured out either and I’m considering making a serious project for myself by getting a Painless wiring harness and putting [...]

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A Bushel of Onions and my class notes

Poignant: poign⋅ant [poin-yuh nt, poi-nuh-nt] – adjective 1.) Keenly distressing to the feelings: poignant regret 2.) Keen or strong in mental appeal: a subject of poignant interest 3.) Affecting or moving the emotions: a poignant scene 4.) Pungent to smell: poignant cookings oders ( Can you see where this is headed yet? Why’s (poignant) guide [...]

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The Bet

Well, it’s not really a bet, but it sounded better as a headline.  Paul and I made a deal last week that I would dabble in his interests if he would try mine.  It sounds dirty until you take into account that he is an avid programmer and I’m a health guru.  It’s like mixing [...]

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