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I apologize for not updating more often.  The Mustang is garaged now because of an over-heating issue that caused my heater core and various other weak points to start leaking.  The dash wiring never got figured out either and I’m considering making a serious project for myself by getting a Painless wiring harness and putting that in to see if it solves any problems.

Programming also isn’t going as expected.  I’m straight up just not meant for it.  Ruby, Python, PHP, CSS have all been tried and cast aside.

A hobby I have picked up and have been enjoying is drawing a webcomic.  Company-Y was created by my husband and I late one night at a cafe down in Austin.  It’s primarily a dramatization of our lives with a flare for the geeky and bizarre.

Check it out! Company-Y comes complete with an RSS feed, a forum and two twitter accounts – @awesome_avery and @steven_dev – that we will gladly be-friend you with.

We update every MWF and are not opposed to throwing in some extras as time permits.


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