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23 Flavors of Dr. Pepper – Part 3

In addition to the taste test that Paul and I conducted earlier, I’ve come up with a few more flavors that are possibly in Dr. Pepper. We somehow stumbled upon Coka-Cola’s wikipedia page (which, by the way, is amazing) which lead us to OpenCola’s page after awhile. OpenCola is the open-source version of Coka-Cola, so to speak. They have the recipe and directions for production on wikipedia, which can be changed at any point by anyone who feels it’s necessary. It’s my theory that if these products could be found in OpenCoke, and therefore likely to be in Coke in one form or another, then why couldn’t Dr. Pepper use these ingredients too? No soda company has the rights to an individual ingredient, just the combination they use to produce the product, so it’s feasible that parts of Coke can be found in Dr. Pepper.

The ingredient list for OpenCoke is as follows

Cassia oil is an ever green that is native to China and Vietnam. It is a close relative to cinnamon and is commonly referred to as “true cinnamon” or “vietnam cinnamon.” Coriander is, get ready for this, cilantro. Yes, that leafy little green thing that is commonly used as a garnish in fancy restaurants could be floating around in your Dr. Pepper or Coke. Since Dr. Pepper was advertised as having medicinal properties, I think it is very likely that Coriander either was, or still is, apart of the recipe. Folk medicine uses Coriander for the relief of anxiety and insomnia. When boiled, Coriander also has diuretic properties and can be used as a general digestive aid. Coriander is also used as a carminative, which, if you look it up in wikipedia, also lists anise seed, basil, cardamom (ginger family), epazote (Mexican vegetable/herb, used to flavor black beans for its antiflatulent properties), ginger, lemon balm, liquorice, marjoram (sweet pine and citrus-y), muna (a digestive aid made into tea), nutmeg, peppermint, rosemary, saffron (those stigmas that are used as seasoning or coloring), spearmint, thyme and wormwood. Any of those sound like Dr. Pepper material? I thought so, too.

In conclusion, Dr. Pepper has stepped away from our traditional lemon, lime, cherry concoctions and has stepped into a world of spices, herbs and green leafy things. Working backwards, I would be interested to find the actual medicinal claims of Dr. Pepper because the list I’ve complied here is mostly digestive aids (which, makes sense given the medium) but if one was able to find those claims, then the list could be broadened to include other natural aids such as laxatives, blood pressure remedies, or appetite suppressants for example.

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4 Responses to “23 Flavors of Dr. Pepper – Part 3”

  1. Well, since OpenCola is open source, perhaps it’s time for a branch

    OpenPepper anyone?


  2. Okay… First i have to say that you are now my hero. A few of those Must be the flavors behind Dr. Pepper. Infact i’m drinking one now and the more i think about a specific flavor the more i can taste it.

    Secondly, have you seen some of the stuff that comes up when you google “23 flavors of Dr. Pepper”? There’s some wierd stuff….

  3. That’s interesting, thank you! I tend to think that soft drinks like Cola, Fanta, Dr. Pepper contain a lot of calories and simply can not be wholesome for the body. The list you give is impressive and the ingredients show that the range of herbs and flavors Open Coke and Dr.Pepper use is wide. But how natural are they? However, I wish we could find an ingredient in Dr. Pepper which could prove its appetite suppressant qualities, since many people are addicted to it, and might need this effect. At the same time its digestive aids are also pretty important and can be a part of a weight loss program. A good digestion is a first step to a healthy and fit body. But if one wishes to lose weight, I would recommend applying to some other ways, like taking pills, keeping up to a special diet and drinking more water, not soft drinks.

  4. tony

    thanks very much for the ingredents list,i’m a bit allergic to nutmeg.& that would be why i have some of the symtoms i have…it’d be nice to see whats in pepsi also…thanks again for putting this out there..

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