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Snickers Charged: The biggest waste of money yet

I just saw my first Snickers Charged in a “healthy” vending machine at work. Being hungry, and having enough money, I decided to get it and see what was “healthy” about it. Well, the “charged” pertains to the fact that it contains 60mg of caffeine, not any healthy ingredients and was most likely miscategorized.

Being a big fan of Snicker’s candy bars, I would normally just eat this bar regardless of it being healthy or not, but wow, it tastes like shit*! In addition to a normally good Snickers bar, the Snickers Charged contains the aforementioned 60mg of caffeine (the same as a cup of coffee), Taurine and B-vitamins. Considering Taurine makes up a large part of bile, which is very similar aftertaste of the Snickers Charged, I would assume this is the major assaulting ingredient in this case.

Why, Snickers, why? Couldn’t you just stop with the caffeine and b-vitamins? Did you really need to go and ruin a perfectly good candy bar? As a coworker of mine just pointed out, no one drinks energy drinks for their taste, specifically because of the taurine, so what was the idea of adding it to a candy bar. Call me crazy, but I never eat a candy bar because I NEED to, I eat it for the endorphines that are released when I shove my face with the sugary chocolaty goodness of a candy bar. Endorphines were most definitely not released in this case, as I had the vague impression of eating, then throwing up, the chocolate, then eating it again.

But don’t take my word for it. If you enjoy eating chocolate covered Yellow Jackets and rinsing the whole thing down with a Full Throttle spiked with concentrated Rockstar, then this is totally the candy bar for you. Me? I’ll just go hungry, thanks. It’s been 30 minutes after the fact and I still have the ruminates of a bile taste in my mouth.

*shit: sour after taste, bad grass, like chewing the worst part of an energy drink, Snickers taste lasts only about half way through chewing, kinda of like vasaline too.


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5 Responses to “Snickers Charged: The biggest waste of money yet”

  1. That’s one of the things I hate about buying new things from a vending machine – you can’t look at the wrapper and find out what the heck they’re talking about. (I had no idea it was the taurine that was causing the aftertaste in that one I ate for picture you have there.)

  2. Crystufer

    Tasted fine to me, but I like energy drinks and think they taste nothing like bile. Ever get real hung over and puke bile? I have. Gross. I’m prolly just used to the taste of small doses of taurine from drinking amp and such though. So snickers charged bars are definitely if:
    A) You like that awful red bull. (I hate it. Tastes like cough syrup.)
    B) You’re literally ADDICTED to legal stimulants (I’m not.)
    C) You drink energy drinks all the time and they taste nothing like puke. They taste delicious and you sip instead of chugging them to savor every bit. (That one’s me.)

  3. I tried one for the first time today, and you’re absolutely right.
    It is the aftertaste of death.

  4. MZK

    You seem to be un-proportionally distraught over the production of a limited edition candy bar. if you honestly thought Snickers bars were in any way healthy for you, besides providing enough protein in the peanuts to keep your hunger at hold temporarily, I suppose it’s worth saying that for every caffeinated new product out there, there’s an uninformed idiot who wants to slam it.

    I actually loved the taste but then again, that bitter aftertaste you speak of maybe harsher on your tongue due to you having more fungiform papillae than normal, ie a supertaster this is a genetic predilection, a rare one actually. Most everyone was excited bout the new bar and its a shame that you would slam the Mars co. for providing more variety in their line up. If you’re more of a plain jane Hershey’s milk chocolate gal I understand but the aisles are stocked with plain tasting chocolates including your standard Snickers that has been running successfully since God knows when.

    Appreciate a lil diversity w/o whining about it would ya? I’m sure you like your smooth creamy lattes but some of us like our strong bitter espressos on the rocks.

  5. MZK,
    Thanks for your comment, we like to see all opinions voiced when it comes to taste (no pun intended). Yes, I am a dark chocolate munching, caramel macchiato swiggin’ kind of gal. I can appreciate how some people have different tastes from my own but that isn’t going to stop me from voicing my opinion on a given item.
    Thanks for taking the time to visit this site and give us a piece of your mind on the subject. Enjoy that espresso!

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