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23 Flavors of Dr. Pepper – Part 2

Paul and I conducted a little taste test last night using both hot and cold Dr. Pepper poured into glass cups. Here is what we came up with using Dr. Pepper with high fructose corn syrup.

Hot Dr. Pepper smells like:

-Boiled dried fruit (raisins and apricots to be exact)

-Cherry Syrup

-Lip Smackers brand chapstick

-Cherry Lifesavers

-Sassafras (rootbeer)


-Coffee (empty glass at 30 sec)

-Artifical chocolate (empty glass at 1 minute)

-Caramel (empty glass at 1.5 minute)

Hot Dr. Pepper tastes like:

-Cherry lifesavers

-sugar water (go figure)

-sweet tea (Arizona brand to be exact)

-Cinnamon ACT mouthwash

-boiled raisins


-artificial strawberry


Cold Dr. Pepper smells like:


-Clean cardboard

-Cat litter

-Crensha melon

-Black tea

and tastes like:

-black cherry

We literally burned out our tastes buds during this test so when it came time to taste cold Dr. P everything just started melting into one big blob of flavors. We can however safely assume that Dr. Pepper does in fact have








Some other likely flavors are




-Black cherry (not as sweet as a regular cherry)

And some flavors we can’t explain yet are

-Black tea


-Sweet tea

-Fresh cardboard

-Cat litter (well, we do have 4 cats, I’m sure that explains something)

*I also have the theory that every flavor of Dr. Pepper (berries n’ cream, cherry vanilla, cherries n’ chocolate etc) are using flavors that are already in regular Dr. Pepper, they’re just using more of the flavor to make it stand out more then before. With this in mind, we can also add vanilla to the list of assumed flavors even though we couldn’t identify it last night.

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6 Responses to “23 Flavors of Dr. Pepper – Part 2”

  1. I also got “soap”. Odd.

  2. trdrrdt

    dude i got bubblegum to

  3. Griffkeeper

    Dude…You and your bud, Paul are on F&$^#@$ crack!

  4. Care to elaborate?
    Crack, for the record, was not detected in Dr. Pepper during our testing.

  5. Whitney

    I think that BlackCherry is definitly a flavor. But someone once told me that anifreeze was or is a flavor of anifreeze.

  6. ryan

    well for one i have not tried anti freeze but it is sweet and thats why its dangerous to have around kids and pets. it taste pleasant to them and will continue to drink. i also agree cherry is in the drink and i also agree that they jsut double or increase doses of already present flavors to make the “special” dr. pepper flavors. 32 flavors? that is a lot for one drink and for cherry or vanilla to not already be one of the 32 would be hard to believe.

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