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23 Flavors of Dr. Pepper

Now, we should know by now that a large, well-established company such as Dr. Pepper wouldn’t actually disclose their secret formula for the most beloved drink in Texas (at least among programmers). There are some good guesses floating around, though. One that is undergoing large scrutiny is prune juice. The company denies straight up that there is no prune juice in their drink but what about prune juice flavoring? The can I am holding right now does list “artificial flavoring” under it’s ingredients so why the heck can’t there be prune juice flavoring in it? I remember when I was a little kid, there was the rumor that there was some sort of prune juice derivative or product in Dr. Pepper and c’mon, with a taste like it has, you can see how the rumor got started.

For the record, I love prune juice.

Other flavor guesses are your generic vanilla, cherry and cola (is cola an actual flavor or a brand? Now I’m confused) and some far reaching but understandable flavors are black licorice, blackberry, rootbeer (again, flavor or brand??), orange, and lemon. My favorite guesses however are amaretto, caramel, pepper (did we not see this coming?), anise (explains why Paul likes it, at least), molasses (compliments the high fructose corn syrup) and, of course, plum! (or, we could just call it prune, really, no one will be offended)

Since there is no hardcore evidence at all out there proving what is or isn’t in Dr. Pepper, I’m interested in conducting my own investigation taste-testing. I’m going to need a case of real Dr. P and a room full of super-tasting nerds.

Oh wait, thats just Paul’s work…okay, nevermind.

Next, I’m going to conduct a taste test between Diet, High Fructose Corn Syrup and <gasp> because we do live in Texas, mere miles from the plant, Real Sugar!

Flavors from Kulterblog



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6 Responses to “23 Flavors of Dr. Pepper”

  1. No, Cola is not an individual flavor, it’s a blend of various other flavors, known as a “phantom” flavor, since it doesn’t taste like anything real.

    And root beer is flavored with Sassafras root (or artificial root beer flavoring, of course), and often other things like licorice if it’s the fancy kind.

  2. Jodi

    Its not what you taste going down, but when you taste burping it back up.

  3. Brighit

    The 23 flavors/ingredients of the famous Dr. Pepper soda…

    1. Amaretto
    2. Almond
    3. Blackberry
    4. Black Licorice
    5. Carrot
    6. Clove
    7. Cherry
    8. Caramel
    9. Cola
    10. Ginger
    11. Juniper
    12. Lemon
    13. Molasses
    14. Nutmeg
    15. Orange
    16. Prune
    17. Plum
    18. Pepper
    19. Root Beer
    20. Rum
    21. Raspberry
    22. Tomato
    23. Vanilla

    This is the most acceptable list.

  4. fan

    The original dr pepper recipe is going sale next month (May). It is locked safely away at Heritage Auction house in Dallas, Tx. I have seen the original recipe. It is in a book of medicine formulas, like a pharmacist would use. It wasn’t called called dr pepper. It was something with the word “bitters” in it, and one of the ingredients was called peptic bitters. I would imagine that peptic has something to do with the stomach, but I didn;t see any 23 flavors, and definitely no prune juice. You can verify the Heritage auction house having it.

  5. amanda-beth

    I can tell you four flavors that our in it and few that arent
    2.cola(cola is flavor hence rc,pepsi,and coca cola brands)

    there is no pepper in dr.pepper pepper was part of guys name who invinted it they expermented at one time with lemon and prune stuff in it but they were found to over power other flavors so they were droped. and dr.pepper is not a root bear so that flavors not their and fyi root beer is other peoples attempt to mimic dr.pepper wich was orignally used /mailmedincly.some say if ya email/mail the correct 23 flavors to dr.pepper company ya’ll get something from them. and i dont think there’s nut product in it cuz they’d have to make note of it on package cuz of allergies

  6. jewels

    i just think it is my favorite drink and that is all i drink i should have stock in dr pepper ha ha

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