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Snickers Charged: The biggest waste of money yet

I just saw my first Snickers Charged in a “healthy” vending machine at work. Being hungry, and having enough money, I decided to get it and see what was “healthy” about it. Well, the “charged” pertains to the fact that it contains 60mg of caffeine, not any healthy ingredients and was most likely miscategorized. Being [...]

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23 Flavors of Dr. Pepper – Part 2

Paul and I conducted a little taste test last night using both hot and cold Dr. Pepper poured into glass cups. Here is what we came up with using Dr. Pepper with high fructose corn syrup. Hot Dr. Pepper smells like: -Boiled dried fruit (raisins and apricots to be exact) -Cherry Syrup -Lip Smackers brand [...]

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23 Flavors of Dr. Pepper

Now, we should know by now that a large, well-established company such as Dr. Pepper wouldn’t actually disclose their secret formula for the most beloved drink in Texas (at least among programmers). There are some good guesses floating around, though. One that is undergoing large scrutiny is prune juice. The company denies straight up that [...]

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Our Hypochondriac Cat, Lily

This is our new cat, Lily. Lily is a 6 year old female who came from Lily decided to spend her first two nights with us at the emergency vet all because of what the vets can’t claim is anything but an “anxiety attack.” So, what happened? Lily was dropped off at our place [...]

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Tree Hugging with Cortisol

Living in Texas, you do everything you can to create shade around your house. Porch structures, trees, awnings, blinds, anything to cut down on the amount of direct sunlight hitting you and your house. When we moved into our house we had 18+ trees around the property but not one of them was planted on [...]

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