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Googling your own name

Yes, you know you’ve done it at least once in your life. When extreme boredom creeps in and all you have is a computer with an exhausted number of sites to visit you just can’t resist to type in those three little words and see what excitement ensues.

However, even though I have a fairly amusing foothold in the world of “the internets” (oh, I laugh) I’m unable to find myself under any google search except Angela Bonser-Lain (check out my college graduate GPA!) so I’m going to cheat and give the google spiders something to find.

I was born a Angela Jeanne Lain. My fellow highschoolers knew me as Angie Lain and I lived in Pasadena, Ca for 16 years.

I lived in Park City, Utah for a year.

I moved out to Corvallis, Or when I was 17. I met my husband when I was 18 and we got hitched 4 months after (w00t, w00t!) and now I go by the name Angie Bonser-Lain. My school, however, knew me only as Angela Bonser-Lain. They frown upon nicknames and I frown upon foo-foo names but in the end, they won.

Suck on that, Google. I will never cease to amuse myself on those long days at the office, suckas!

Now to post and go Goggle myself…

Merry Christmas Everyone! Go hug your friends and family, they’re the most important part of this overly commercialized week in December!

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  1. I’ve googled myself before and found a 5 year old family tree Posted by a NON-relative…They even had my Nece and Nephew in there and they stopped updating after 2003… Creepy, no?

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